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How We Can Help You Fight Drunk Driving Charges

Although DUI and DWI charges are among the most common criminal charges, every case could have serious penalties, especially if you are facing intoxicated manslaughter or intoxicated assault charges. Whether you had a few drinks or were completely sober when the police showed up, you have constitutional rights.

We are ready to protect your freedom and ability to drive. Juan L. Guerra, Jr. & Associates has defended clients throughout Texas and the nation for over 20 years. We are client-oriented and trial-tested. You can feel confident that we will pursue every opportunity to defend your rights and your future.

Law Enforcement Can Make Mistakes. Don’t Suffer The Consequences.

Although law enforcement and the prosecution may say that they have clear evidence to convict you, we may be able to cast reasonable doubt on the evidence in question. To have valid evidence, the police need to have gathered the drunk driving test results fairly and accurately.

We know that there are many factors that may be at play in your DWI or DUI case, such as:

  • Whether the police had probable cause to pull you over, search your vehicle or arrest you
  • Whether the results of a breath test or blood test are accurate
  • Whether the police respected your constitutional rights during the traffic stop and arrest, including reading your Miranda rights

Breath test devices, such as the Breathalyzer, can give false readings under a variety of circumstances. The breath test device could have mechanical issues if the police fail to maintain it, leading to inaccurate results. In some cases, a substance other than alcoholic beverages, such as mouthwash or paint fumes, can interfere with the results.

If the police did not respect your rights or they failed to maintain and calibrate the breath test device properly, we will work tirelessly to get justice for you. Our firm can represent you – regardless of whether you face a first-time DWI case, repeat DUI charge, as well allegations of intoxicated assault or intoxicated manslaughter.

We Offer Free Consultations After Drunk Driving Arrests

Located in Houston, Juan L. Guerra, Jr. & Associates is ready to help you contest DUI and DWI charges in court. Get a free consultation with our experienced criminal defense attorney by calling 713-396-5900 or through our website. Let us start building a strategy for your case today.