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Recognized For Achieving Strong Results Against The Odds

As a Houston law firm with a sole focus on criminal defense, Juan L Guerra Jr & Assoc is committed to stand by your side in the criminal justice system. For over 15 years, attorney Juan Luis Guerra Jr. has protected the rights of individuals in Texas and throughout the country.

Sophisticated Criminal Defense At A National Level

Mr. Guerra has earned recognition for his assertive trial strategy — particularly in federal criminal law cases. Cases concerning federal crimes require a nuanced approach, and we are proud of the quality of defense we provide.

We thoroughly investigate the evidence and cross-examine witness testimony. When we find a weakness in the prosecution’s argument, we highlight the existence of reasonable doubt or other reasons to reduce the charges.

Top-Of-The-Line Client Service

Criminal charges bring difficult personal challenges. When facing serious accusations, you may sense embarrassment, hostility and alienation from the people who matter to you. Our philosophy is to take our clients’ side regardless of the charges or the initial evidence against them. We will work closely with you throughout your case.

At Juan L Guerra Jr & Assoc, we do our part by responding to you in a timely manner, proactively taking steps to protect you and taking the time to make sure you understand the vital aspects of your defense. Our practice is client-centric and results-driven.

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