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We Can Represent You In Complex Drug Offense Cases

Drug charges can take many forms. While some charges are misdemeanors, other charges may involve felonies across multiple states. The potential penalties for drug convictions, therefore, also vary greatly. The one thing that drug cases have in common, however, is the high stakes for the person facing the charges.

At Juan L. Guerra, Jr. & Associates, we take urgent action to protect your rights from the start of your case. Whether you are a suspect in an investigation or you are already in jail following a drug arrest, rely on our criminal defense lawyer to stand up for you.

State And Federal Drug Crime Defense

Our founding attorney, Juan L. Guerra, Jr., has extensive experience in both state and federal courts. We are based in Houston, and we also represent clients nationwide.

We have the legal knowledge and skill to confront complex drug crime charges, including those that involve:

  • Drug trafficking, both within Texas and across state or country borders
  • Drug possession
  • Drug manufacturing, including marijuana cultivation
  • Medical marijuana cases, particularly for out-of-state visitors

Because we are respected for our track record of success in difficult drug cases, we often accept attorney referrals. You deserve a comprehensive defense for your case, and we are prepared to provide the support you need.

Get Aggressive And Experienced Legal Counsel

Although the laws concerning some drugs, such as marijuana, are changing across the United States, Texas still enforces strict rules. It is vital to protect your freedom and your future with the help of a proven criminal defense attorney. Call 713-396-5900 or email our firm to discuss your rights and defense strategy today.