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Experienced Counsel For Money Laundering Charges

Money laundering is a serious state and federal crime that carries significant penalties. If investigators accuse you of concealing illegally obtained money, call a lawyer who knows how to help you. Juan L. Guerra, Jr. & Associates has the criminal law experience and the confidence to defend you against money laundering charges.

We have earned recognition for strong representation in federal crime cases both within Texas and nationwide. Our trial attorney has achieved strong results for his clients in federal court. He can build a thorough defense for you. Because these cases can require elaborate strategies, Juan L. Guerra, Jr. & Associates also often accepts referral cases from other attorneys.

Complex Financial Crime Charges Need A Complex Defense

Money laundering usually occurs between several parties. There may be cases in which a person unknowingly participates in money laundering without realizing that the money has criminal implications. There is also the possibility that investigators might have made a mistake when following the route of the money – and have taken a wrong turn into your business.

Our skilled criminal defense lawyer has successfully defended our clients’ rights in many types of money laundering charges, such as those involving:

  • Additional charges, including fraud, theft or drug trafficking
  • International and national transactions
  • Business ownership
  • Offshore accounts
  • Cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin or Ethereum

New technology has influenced money laundering defense cases in recent years. For example, the growing use of cryptocurrency can complicate the charges. However, we focus on the hard facts and opportunities for strategic defense in your case.

We Can Protect You Throughout Your Case

Email our Houston law firm or call us at 713-396-5900 to discuss your case directly with an attorney. Your first consultation is free and confidential, and we will give you a detailed assessment of your options. Let Juan L. Guerra, Jr. & Associates fight for you.