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Juan L. Guerra, Jr.

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An Accomplished Criminal Trial Attorney

Based in Houston, Juan L. Guerra, Jr. & Associates works with clients across the country to challenge criminal allegations. We know that effective defense strategies are essential to protect clients’ constitutional rights, which is why we give every case the full attention it deserves.

Our primary attorney, Juan L. Guerra, Jr., has practiced criminal law for more than 20 years. He has extensive experience across the spectrum of criminal charges, including serious murder and drug crime cases. Our mission is to resolve your case as efficiently as possible while achieving optimal results.

Juan L. Guerra, Jr.

Highly Experienced In Federal Crime Defense

Because federal criminal charges carry high stakes, it is vital to rely on a trusted attorney who is familiar with the proper procedures. Juan L. Guerra, Jr. & Associates has the resources and knowledge to navigate complex criminal defense cases at the federal level.

In many of our prior federal defense cases, we have successfully reached reduction or dismissal of the charges. We understand which steps we need to take to balance the scales for your protection. Mr. Guerra remains tough in trial – he will contest serious allegations and counter the prosecutor’s strategy regardless of the obstacles in your path.

Personal Injury Litigation That Achieves Results

When you are hurt in a car wreck, 18-wheeler crash, refinery accident at work or any other type of accident – or your loved one has died because of another’s recklessness – you may have a right to hold negligent parties accountable. Proving someone else’s negligence can be difficult without the help of an experienced personal injury lawyer. You need a dedicated legal advocate to ensure the insurance company does not minimize your right to optimal compensation for your medical expenses, lost wages, future income and other damages.

Our lead attorney, Juan L. Guerra, Jr., has been assisting injury victims throughout Texas to obtain justice for more than 20 years. We will help you understand your rights in a personal injury claim and assess the right choices for optimizing the results of your case.

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Juan L. Guerra, Jr.

Juan L. Guerra, Jr.

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