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Aggressive Defense Against Weapon Trafficking Charges

In Texas, it is illegal to own, make, move, fix or sell certain dangerous weapons and ammunition, as outlined in the Texas Penal Code, Title 10, Section 46.05. This includes explosive weapons, machine guns, short-barrel firearms, armor-piercing bullets, devices for dispensing chemicals, zip guns, devices that can deflate tires and homemade bombs.

Under federal law, weapon trafficking is the illegal trade of firearms and ammunition, which can involve various methods of diversion to the illegal market.

Frequently Asked Questions About Weapons Trafficking In Texas

For more than 20 years, criminal defense attorney Juan L. Guerra, Jr., has been demystifying federal offense charges such as weapon trafficking for clients. Here are brief answers to questions clients frequently ask. For legal counsel, advice and aggressive criminal defense, contact our office in Houston at 713-396-5900.

What is weapon trafficking?

Weapon trafficking encompasses the illicit trade or transfer of firearms, ammunition and related parts, often linked to other criminal activities such as drug trafficking.

What is a “straw purchase?”

A straw purchase is where a legal buyer purchases firearms, such as easily concealable handguns, semi-automatic assault weapons, “Saturday Night Specials,” silencers, machine guns, sawed-off rifles and ammunition, on behalf of someone who is prohibited from owning a gun.

What are other ways firearms and ammunition are reaching an illegal market?

Sales by private sellers without required background checks and outright theft.

How does law enforcement identify weapon trafficking?

Law enforcement uses various indicators to identify weapon trafficking, such as the “time to crime” metric, which tracks the period between a gun’s purchase and its use in a crime. The feds also monitor when vehicles with firearms are crossing state lines that are later used in criminal activity.

What are the penalties for weapon trafficking?

While federal law does not define weapon trafficking as a stand-alone offense, related activities like straw purchases and unlicensed sales incur harsh punishments. These offenses often accompany other federal charges, resulting in compounded penalties that can lead to life sentences. This reality underscores the necessity for an assertive legal defense.

Are there effective defenses for weapon trafficking cases?

Prosecutors must prove your involvement with a firearm in relation to a crime. A defense strategy may involve proving you and your firearm had no connection to another crime, pointing out procedural errors by law enforcement in the process of your arrest, or that the prosecution shows a lack of evidence.

Why do I need a defense attorney to represent me in a weapons trafficking case?

Weapon trafficking charges carry severe penalties – such as life in prison – and require a strong defense. Mr. Guerra is an experienced criminal defense attorney who conducts an independent investigation of the facts surrounding your arrest, including whether there were violations of your constitutional rights. He constructs an aggressive defense that introduces doubt and aims to protect your freedom.

When The Stakes Are High, Get An Experienced Defense Attorney

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