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How do colleges treat DUI convictions?

On Behalf of | Jul 21, 2022 | DUI

Getting a DUI on the record is no light matter. This can impact everyone, but it can especially impact people attending college, or those who intend to.

Just how do colleges react to DUI convictions? Is this going to create a potential problem in the future for college students?

Financial repercussions

The College Investor discusses the potential impact of a DUI on a college career. Generally speaking, a college will not expel a person for a DUI conviction alone. However, this does not mean they have no penalties in store.

In many cases, the penalties come in the form of financial repercussions. Many colleges will pull any form of financial support they provided before. This includes gifts, scholarships, awards and more. They could also bar a student from using on-campus housing, which forces them to pay the full price of off-campus housing, along with gas or the fees for public transportation in order to get to the campus every day.

A closed career path

A student may also find many paths of study barred from them due to the fact that many career options will also get barred. Certain jobs will not hire people with a DUI on record. This includes careers dealing with children, such as daycare instructors or teachers. It also includes government positions, as well as jobs that involve needing a commercial driver’s license.

Between these combined things, it is easy to see that a DUI can upset a student’s life and career path entirely. This is why it is important to treat DUI charges seriously from the start, and to avoid conviction.