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Texas has some of the nation’s most complicated assault laws

On Behalf of | May 25, 2022 | Criminal Defense

Facing an assault charge in Texas can send you headlong into panic, and rightly so. Our state imposes harsh penalties upon a conviction on assault or battery charges.

Further, the specific assault statutes are complex and difficult to understand unless you are familiar with the law. The code contains many definitions of assault and makes distinctions in severity based on the alleged victim. For example, knowingly assaulting a peace officer is a felony and results in harsher penalties than an assault against a civilian.

How can you defend yourself against assault charges?

The ideal defense for your circumstances depends on the facts and details of your case. After all, not every defense strategy proves effective in all situations. Some common assault and battery defense tactics others have used successfully include the following:

Defense of self. If you can show that you were, or believed you were, in imminent physical danger, a self-defense strategy can succeed. However, the degree of force you use to defend yourself must be proportional to the degree of threat or harm posed by the other person.

Defense of others. This defense works much like the self-defense strategy. The defendant must show that they perceived an imminent physical threat to other individuals and responded with violence to prevent harm.

Defense of property. If a person tries to take or damage your belongings, you may use force to deter them in Texas. Of course, you will have to show the court that the other person tried to interfere with property lawfully belonging to you.

An assault conviction will likely wreak havoc on your personal life and may also impact your job. We suggest learning more about assault charges while exploring your defense options.