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What acts fall under the charge of assault?

On Behalf of | May 21, 2020 | Criminal Defense

Sometimes crimes are not as straightforward as you may think once you look at what the specific law says. One such crime is assault, which may not always mean what you think it does and may include actions you would never think of as assault.

According to the Texas Constitution and Statutes, assault is a crime that goes beyond punching someone in the eye. There is a range of actions that may be assault but that you might not think would fall into this category.

Physical contact

Some acts of assault are obvious. In general, any action your take that causes physical harm to another person when that action is intentional or due to recklessness is assault. This includes any type of physical contact with another person without his or her consent. In some cases, you may be aware that touching someone else would offend him or her. In that situation, if you touch the person, it is assault.

Non-physical contact

It is possible to face an assault charge for actions that involve no physical contact between you and the other person. Threatening to harm someone is assault. Also, making someone get an abortion is also in this category.


Assault can result in minor harm or little harm to the other person. It can also cause serious physical injuries. For example, you commit assault if you do something to another person that stops his or her normal flow of blood or air. In this instance, the person would likely experience some major medical issues depending on how long you restrict the air or blood flow.